I am Alexandra van Paassen an artist graduate at St. Joost in Breda.

I laugh at our behavior, but also along with it.

I play with, manipulate and question the repetitive behavior of people around me. Behavior  like our shift from interaction with humans to interaction with objects during corona.

I make mobile paper sculptures for happenings in space that critique these patterns. The rut I work with is often linked to mass culture and consumerism, but is taken light-heartedly because I do not have the capacity to deal with it.

My studio is a flexible workspace, it moves, folds and rolls along with me. My life is on wheels, my work rolls on wheels, thoughts sometimes roll away. I perform a public comedy show of objects. Just like in standup, nobody is safe: my friends, myself and my audience are all-in the front row scared my objects will mock their behavior.

We are silly creatures. I give my silly reactions and critiques.