7 tips voor het verzorgen van je planten in huis

during the first lockdown I was feeling less motivated and happy because of the lack of contact and communicating. I started to relate myself to things around me since I did not see many people. Not only was I feeling less great, my plants were not feeling great eighter, my plants were dying, so I looked up how to take better care of them. I saw an article staiting seven tips for your houseplants. And I noticed it was the same as how we have to take care of ourselves during the lockdown. The plants were mirroring how I was feeling.

1. Zet de plant op de juiste plek (Put your plant in the right spot)

2. Geef de plant de juiste hoeveelheid water (Give them the right amount of water)

3. Geef ze de ruimte (Give them room/space)

4. Houd je planten schoon (Keep them clean)

5. Geef je planten te eten (Feed your plants)

6. Zet je binnenplanten eens buiten ( Place your indoor plants outside some times)

7. Denk goed na over de pot (Think about the pot you plant your plants in)

Because of these tips and rules I decided to make a series of photo’s where I am the plant, because I saw a lot of simularities between my plants and me.

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