Island hopping


Island hopping

I create interactions with my surroundings, which often results in work closely related to tourism. Most of my work is inspired by the public, which is the reason I often make and/ or present the work in public space

This work is part of a bigger project called UUU. The UUU is an alternative tourism information place. The projects within the UUU are interventions with the real world often inspired by the patterns in tourism, capitalism and behavior.

Island hopping is my reaction to traveling to Bergen in Norway. During my travel I saw how many different cruise, island hopping and other tourism boat rides there are. All packed with tourists, and without the ability to enjoy the silence. The size of the boat and the intercom can create alienation to the real experience of the island hopping.

I decided to strip down the experience and just go swimming to an island that I saw each time I passed with the bus. To be able to document I made a boat out of the trash I had available to put my phone inside.

The experience was very personal and intimate. And the preparation felt like an entire ritual. To get to the island I had to take a one hour bus ride and also one hour back.

A few months after finishing the trip and taking the pictures I decided that this experience was so intimate and personal that I needed a personal way to show it.

I’ve made a photobook for the experience of the island hopping. Were I show the adventure of Charlotte the first (that is the name of the boat) and me. The photo album is also made with materials that I already own, it is also made out of trash as a reference to Charlotte.

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