The holes of Delft 2.0

The holes of Delft 2.0

The holes of Delft is a project that I started during the Corona and lockdown period during 2021.

It started as a reaction to our shift from communicating with people to communicating with objects. In an empty city I decided to interact with the urban environment. I documented the holes in the city center of Delft during two weeks. Together with Google maps I noted down all coordinates. I decided to minigolf with these pre existing holes in the city.

Even during the lockdown it did not take me long to realize that with this project I was not only communicating with the city but with other people trough this project. People approached and asked about what I was doing.

Which is why in 2023 I decided to redo the project in a different context, in a post-lockdowns context. I redid the project with my papier-mâché golf bag cart and my flex office.

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