The podcast

The podcast of the world around you

It is an installation inspired by a comment of a classmate about that I’m crazy for cycling an hour without music. I just listened to the wind. This sculpture deforms the sound of wind. It’s an interactive sculpture, but ended up interacting more with dogs than people because they loved the sound

It started with listening to the wind during a bike ride. Then it turned into a tube with two funnels. And it ended in an entire sculpture made with paper. I’m using shape and acoustics to amplify the sound and distort it. Around the time I made the sculpture it started snowing in the Netherlands for the first time in a while. I decided to temporarily display it in the snow, where the sculpture seemed to blend in and to me it almost looked like a creature in the landscape.

The podcast of the world around you was meant to be able to listen to the environment around you, when making it I realized there’s one sound it seems to pick up really good and it also seems to distort it, The sound of wind, a sound which often becomes background noise and we don’t hear anymore. While it’s really interesting for humans to hear it, it mostly attracts dogs. The people that got inside, got inside because they followed their dogs. Dogs have way better hearing and could hear the project from a far.

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